Parrot Bluetooth Rival

In recent years, the bluetooth market has exploded with all sorts of solutions to pair your phone with your vehicle. The most recognised of these solutions is the Parrot Bluetooth range, offering a comprehensive collection of devices suited to everybody.

Although the Parrot kits are value for money, a rival system is becoming increasingly popular and unless Parrot are careful, the Bury CC9060 may steal the number one top spot on today’s market.

The Bury CC9060 offers the user full voice activated calling, answering and phone book navigation. What this means is that the user does not have to even use the touch screen display available, as all functions can be accessed by spoken voice. With the ability to pair with up to 10 phones and store 1000 contacts on the kits internal memory, the Bury gives the Parrot Mki9200 a run for its money.

For more information and video demonstration please click here.

March 24th, 2011
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